Technical design

The Realvision® Technical Design Business Unit designs and produces 3D vision systems without the use of polarized glasses intended for architects, engineers, and product designers. Thanks to Realvision 3D, projects and technical drawings literally come alive and experts can evaluate proportions and modify projects in real time, even before their physical implementation.

Video Wall
Tablet 9.7"

9.7” Tablet

The Realvision 3D Tablet allows experts to always have their work with them.
Hours of photographic representations, 3D renderings,
and technical drawings are encased in a 9.7” tablet with 3K resolution.
The tablet encloses all the standard functions: apps, e-mail, Wi-Fi, Internet, Camera, etc.

User-friendly, handy and compact, Realvision 3D Tablet is the ideal tool for dynamic and modern architects, engineers and product designers, who want to add the “Wow” factor to their routine activities.


Realvision 3D monitors for Technical Design are available
with a display size of 28”, 55”, 65” and 85”.
They are compatible with some design software, such as for example,
VRED Professional, Live Viewer, 3ds Max, AutoCAD, Alias Design, Inventor Pro and Maya.

Video Wall
Download Technical Specifications

Realvision 3D video walls are designed for presenting the most important
projects, for impressing and engaging the most demanding costumers.
The Realvision workstation allows you to manage compositions
having many monitors and formats.