Retail Digital Transformation

According to a study carried out by TNS Kantar, global leader in the market survey,
the future will be Digital and Customer Centric.
Moreover, this study highlights how the ability to integrate digital tools on every brand’s
channel is one of the most important challenges for companies in the Retail sector.

Classic model


Digital model

Costumer engagement
Brand experience
Emotional path

Why Realvision?

In a context of digital transformation involving Brand Experience, Customer Engagement,
Emotional Sale and Loyalty, REALVISION represents the perfect solution for all
those who want to increase the experience level of their customers projecting them in a virtual reality.


Realvision is an Italian excellence that designs and produces 3D monitors and vision systems
without the use of polarized glasses exclusively for the B2B channel.
The Realvision patented technology was born in the medical field and globally represents the only
3D solution that guarantees the absence of alterations and consequent neurovisual disorders.
Our company is structured according to areas of expertise, providing customers
with a dedicated technical and commercial assistance.

So what are the application fields?

Creation of Virtual Models

Traditional approach

Creation of paper pattern by the designer in order
to evaluate the future cloth wearability

Cutting of paper pattern

Sewing of paper pattern

Waiting for the creation

All these steps require long trial and production times,
high prototyping costs and huge waste of materials for
the real creation.

REALVISION’s approach

Real-time design with the creation of a virtual model

Wearability simulation

Material wearability with very high degree of compatibility

Production of samples with the possibility of modifying
the design, pairings and colors

In addition to the advantage of real-time design, which
entails a significant time saving,the design costs also
decrease, with consequent acceleration in the
development process and better chance of testing.

All this, of course, in 3D!

REALVISION’s products:
28” Monitor - VENT8

Today 3D projects can only be seen on traditional 2D monitors, through the simulation of three-
dimensional vision, or on 3D monitors with polarized glasses.
VENT8 is the solution that enables you to see the project in real 3D
without the use of polarized glasses and without artifacts.
The result is to give life to shape, design and proportion of your art even before the physical
realization, thus allowing you to make real-time evaluations and changes.

Monitor for presentation
28’’, 55’’, 65’’, 85’’ Video walls

Presenting a project is one of the most phases of your job and requires
tools that can faithfully reproduce your ideas.
REALVISION monitors allow you to see your creation coming out
of the screen, giving a unique experience that guarantees the WOW effect.
The different sizes adapt to every need, from small meeting rooms to big
exhibition spaces thanks to video wall compositions.

Traditional approach

Static contents with restricted Brand-Customer interaction

Brand-centric and not Costumer-centric

High investments due to high installation costs

Low contents rotation

REALVISION’s approach

Engaging contents

Unexpected contents

Funny contents

Exciting contents

REALVISION’s products:

28’’, 55’’, 65’’, 85’’ Monitors
Video walls
Digital totem with REALVISION monitors

The Virtual try-on represents the new in-store try-on frontier.
REALVISION, through its technology, not only allows a perfect
representation of the customer’s silhouette but also all the
possibility to see himself in 3D!

REALVISION’s approach

Simulation of the experience in the changing room without actually trying the product

Possibility to take a picture of the outfit, film it and afterward share it on social networks

Possibility to compare the various tried on outfits in a single screen

The in-store virtual changing room application simplifies and optimizes the work of the sales staff who can literally be at customer disposal who will be surrounded by a multisensory experience but, above all, multidimensional one through 3D REALVISION.

REALVISION’s products:

28’’, 55’’, 65’’, 85’’ Monitors

The digital lookbook allows you to present in-store collections
(that are not available for purchase), enabling a higher
conversion rate from user to customer.

REALVISION’s approach

Attractive collections show

Emotional interaction with the customer

Possibility of purchasing clothes directly from  the lookbook and then
registering customer data on CRM

Clickable and zoomable elements

This not only allows the Brand to generate an incremental revenue
compared to the physical channel, but to make it feel like the
protagonist of a unique three-dimensional experience!

REALVISION’s products:
9.7” REALVISION 3D Tablet

Customization, portability and completeness are the words that best describe the REALVISION tablet
that differs from every product on the market. Collections will come to life literally
by coming out of the screen, guaranteeing customers an increased level of experience and purchase.
All this in addition to all the standard functions enclosed in a 2D tablet, such as:
apps, E-mail, Wi-Fi, Internet etc…