The Realvision® Automotive Business Unit designs and produces 3D
vision system without polarized glasses for the B2B channel.
A new era in car driving is about to begin with the application of
Realvision 3D Technology in the automotive sector.
Our projects are specifically developed, according to customers’ request,
and therefore protected by NDA.
Currently, three projects are being developed by Realvision R&D team:

Mirrorless System

Thanks to Realvision mirrorless system, it will be possible to eliminate the current rear view mirrors
(that allows the 3D vision) and use our Realvision 3D monitors connected to stereo cameras, preserving
the same proportions and perceptions of depth and position in space, of the displayed objects.

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Monitor for MMI

Realvision 3D monitor for MMI (Multi Media Interface) allows you to watch 3D contents and have a more
precise space perception while driving a vehicle backward thanks to the rear stereo cameras.

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Monitor for Dashboard

With Realvision 3D monitor for dashboard, you will experience a new and futuristic visualization of
classical control panel instruments (such as speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, etc).

macchina disegno sito ( dashboard )