Realvision 3D Advertising for Automotive

Digital transformation is also influencing the automotive sector, by leading the automotive industry to focus on customer engagement and astonishment during the research and the purchase of the desired car.  Realvision is changing the concept of dealerships and showrooms, transforming them into virtual marketplaces able to provide customers with a new emotional experience which goes far behind the merely car depiction.

Video Wall
Tablet 9.7"
Application fields

Car configuration

It is common for dealerships to have in store only one type of car with standard features to present to their customers. Thus, forcing them to image the vehicle with the desired configuration or to watch every single changes (such as car body colour, seats material, etc.) on 2D monitor. Now, thanks to Realvision 3D technology, customers and dealerships will experience a new frontier in car configuration. Our 3D tablets and monitors allow users to create a tailor-made car, by exploring, changing and implementing the interior and the exterior of the auto, and then see the project in real 3D without the use of polarized glasses and without artifacts.


Distinguish your dealership digitalizing your advertising channels.
Get customers attention by letting your cars come out of the screen with Realvision 3D tablets, monitors and video walls.

In - store experience

Realvision 3D tablet for automotive advertisement is a disruptive innovation which will allow you to show off your car catalogue inside and outside the dealership. Cars will literally come out of the screen, guaranteeing customers a new virtual experience and real-time 3D car customization.

Realvision 3D tablet can also be integrated in a totem and used as specification holder for displaying 3D photos, features and price of the described car.

Virtual showroom

Equip your showroom with Realvision 3D monitors with size of 28” up to 65” and video walls , thus enhancing customers’ attention and purchase experience.

By using our video walls, it is also possible to display in 3D the desired car in its real size with high resolution allowing the user to accurately  visualize in 3D all the details, even the smallest one.