The Realvision® Advertising Business Unit designs and produces 3D vision systems without the use of polarized glasses for the B2B channel. The proximity marketing, through digital signage, is increasingly being used as a form of communication.
However, recent studies show that the average consumer receives up to 5000 different advertisements per day. How can you bring out your message in the midst of all this background noise? Realvision has the solution . . .

Thanks to Realvision 3D technology, our tablets, monitors and video walls reproduce images, renderings and videos in 3D, thus letting  adverts come to life and engage viewers on a deeper emotional level.

Video Wall
Tablet 9.7"


9.7" Tablet

The Realvision tablet allows you to share your 3D contents in complete mobility.
That’s why it is ideal for presenting products “on the way”.
Hours of photographic representations or animated renderings in real 3D are
encased in few inches and grams and allow you
to make the presentation of your products a unique and exciting experience..

High 3K resolution, 3D display patented by Realvision, powerful battery and
unlimited expandable memory make it a formidable field marketing tool.
The Realvision 3D tablet encloses all the standard functions
of a traditional 2D tablet, such as Apps, E-mail, Wi-Fi, Internet, cameras, etc.


Thanks to Realvision 3D monitors, your logo and your products
will come alive and literally come out of the screen, giving your customers
an overwhelming experience that will incomparably grab their attention.
A unique opportunity to increase your engagement.

The different sizes adapt to every need, from small sales area to big exhibition spaces.
Realvision 3D monitors can be free-standing, fixed to the wall or installed on ad hoc stands..

Video Wall
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Realvision 3D video walls are compositions consisting of
55″ 2K base units with FULL HD resolution.
They are conceived to reproduce 2D and 3D images and videos on a big scale,
thus impressing the most demanding customers.

The video wall final format is customizable according to customer needs
(3×1 vertical totem, 2×2, 3×3 horizontal video wall, etc.).
Each monitor frames have been reduced as much as possible and measure 0,8 mm,
thus allowing every single unit to merge in one single huge screen.
The transmission of images and videos is managed by a workstation
having Realvision patented software and hardware.