It is a revolutionary system composed of hardware and software covered by 11 worldwide patents.

The core of this patented system is based on screen processing and on algorithms interlacing with the current Side by Side, Line by Line,
STL file formats and any other type of three-dimensional format (MRI, scans, cameras, ultrasounds, 3D printing, etc.).


The continuous research and development activity has allowed the Realvision 3D to be compatible with several applications. So far, we have successfully included our systems in the fields of healthcare, optics, advertising, automotive, aviation, technical design, and real estate.


The Realvision 3D is designed to reproduce 3D in a natural way without artifacts. Thanks to the absence of barriers and polarized filters, the Realvision 3D doesn’t cause any discomfort and doesn’t strain the eyesight unlike the other 3D technologies on the market.

The Realvision 3D was created in 2011 for the medical field and after passing strict tests and scientific protocols, it has been applied to other areas.