Real Estate

The Realvision® Real Estate business unit designs and produces 3D vision systems
without the use of polarized glasses for the B2B channel.
For real estate business operators, Realvision created a new and realistic way
for presenting property solutions.
This innovative system will literally get your customers into their dream house.
Realvision designed the newly-conceived Realvision 3D tablet which, thanks to the
Realvision 3D real estate app, is able to convert, reproduce and share images,
renderings, and videos in 3D, thus  letting real estate solutions come to life
and engage viewers on a deeper emotional level.


The combination of Realvision 3D tablet and Realvision 3D Real Estate App
allows you to share your housing solutions in 3D while on the go,
so as to always have your office in your pocket.
The possibility of taking photos or videos of properties for sale or to rent directly
on-site, and immediately convert them in 3D will allow you to deliver tenants and
buyers a real and unique house showing experience.

Realvision 3D Real Estate App

The Realvision 3D Real Estate App installed on Realvision 3D tablet
allows you to immediately convert any panoramic photos or videos
in 3D and play the new 3D contents on Realvision 3D devices.


The REALVISION 3D REAL ESTATE MONITOR has a specific WI-FI connection able to
immediately connect, share and transfer 3D contents converted by the
Realvision 3D Real Estate App installed on Realvision Tablet.
By using Realvision 3D tablet as controller you can select a video or photo playlist
and navigate inside the rooms of the desired house.
Realvision 3D monitors have 28” display and triple class A ultra-bright panels with 4K resolution.
They can be free-standing, fixed to the wall or installed on ad hoc stands.

Visualizing 3D advertisments

Real estate agencies use the following advertising channel:
Agency windows along the street, magazines and advertising posters and,
the web with its search engines and advertising channel, ex.: immobiliare.it, casa.it, idealista.it
The individual agency can diversify its own offer with
photos, videos, virtual tours, and new agency window’s layouts.

Monitors in the agency window

Monitor in the agency window is a new means of communication that attracts
the user.
Thanks to Realvision, the used monitor won’t be ‘common’ but absolutely exclusive
thanks to a customized design and to RealVision 3D technology.
In addition to visualize 2D videos, photos and renderings with 4K definition,
it will be possible to reproduce 3D contents and visualize them without using polarized glasses.

3D and mobility

How can I take 3D videos and 3D photos of the house?
Thanks to the APP developed by Realvision, it will be possible to shoot the house for sale
with your Smartphone and then reproduce videos or photos in 3D without polarized glasses.
Besides the monitor, it will be also possible to see 3D images
while on the go by using Realvision 9.7’’ Tablet.
A device that, as well as having all the functions of a standard tablet,
also allows visualizing 3D images without the use of polarized glasses.

Advantages for the agency

To enlarge its own advertising offer with an exclusive
and technologically advanced product

To draw customer’s attention

To show new projects in 3D generating unique emotions
thanks to the real visualization

To improve your own professionalism, guaranteeing the seller
the best performance to advertise the real estate
also through the most innovative technologies

To distinguish your advertisements with symbol