The Realvision® Optics Business Unit designs and produces 3D vision systems
for eye examination without the use of polarized glasses
for optometrists, ophthalmologists, and opticians.
Realvision® 3D System revolutionized the procedures for eye exams, neurovisual
rehabilitation and screening offering practitioners intuitive and easy-to-use devices:
3D tablets and monitors.



The only device in the world that allows you to have all the tests for eye examination
in 3D without the use of polarized glasses in a single tablet, wherever you are.

Kit for performing near and far vision tests composed of one 9.7” 2D
Tablet for the examiner and one 9.7” 3D Tablet for the examinee.
The 3D vision is natural and a scientific research protocol certifies
the absence of neurovisual alterations during its use.

Worldwide patented system, covered by patent n. WO 2014/064719
ISO8596/10938/15004/1451 certified system
Application for lens centration
Fast and easy to use
Results in real time
Automatic saving of tests
Automatic update


Kit for neurovisual rehabilitation composed
of one 55” Realvision 3D touch screen monitor and one RV3D-OPTICS kit.

The neurovisual rehabilitation aims to enhance the whole visual system in order to maximize it’s efficiency, not only in relation to specific activities, such as sports, but also for everyday life, thus acting on the general aspects of vision.


70 Visual Test

7 Categories

Application for Lens Centration

Eye Frame Assistant

Application allowing to center the ophthalmic lenses without using any calibration tool.
After inserting the frame width in mm, centre the frame worn by the customer
within the red box and take the picture.
Once the picture has been taken, it is possible to further adjust the reference lines.
The values represent the ones for distance centration.
There is no need for an additional calibration tool.